Psychodynamic Coaching

The purpose of Psychodynamic Coaching is that the person being coached (the client), through acknowledgement and insight to his or her own history, personal patterns, inner structure, the present context, and its dynamics, can combine past, present, and wishes for the future, with realistic, feasible actions.

This is an ambitious purpose both in breadth and depth. In breadth, because it concerns the client’s entire life (working life and personal life) including relations and circumstances, both current and past. In depth, because the psychodynamic investigative method of work seeks both back in time and ‘down’ or ‘into’ the client’s unconscious, because an individual’s motive for that person’s way of living is hidden in the unconscious.

Psychodynamic Coaching means working actively with a direct focus on the client’s unconscious patterns of behaviour developed in childhood. The coach also carries out active, focused work indirectly, with him/herself as the receptive instrument (sounding board) for both conscious and unconscious processes that exist in the relationship, and in the parallel processes started up by what is told. It is through understanding these and working on the relationship that movement, change, and lasting development, are created.

When unconscious patterns and dynamics become conscious, it is possible to change them, or, if it’s not possible to change them, it is possible to make adjustments in relation to them. When unconscious factors are made conscious, this is not purely due to cognitive insight or the establishment of understanding, but to a simultaneous, deeper, inner binding emotionality.


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