Tailor-made services for every client

The Director of IGO, Dr Lionel Stapley provides tailor-made consultancy services to help clients become more effective, not just by diagnostic work and help with implementing solutions in the short term but by transferring his skills, knowledge, ability and insights so that they are better equipped to diagnose their own problems and find solutions in the long term.

Drawing on over thirty years of academic and applied expertise, Lionel has developed his own unique knowledge and understanding of organisational culture which he applies to the process of consulting and coaching to help individuals, groups and organisations. He particularly uses this knowledge and understanding to achieve sustainable culture transformations. In addition, this understanding and knowledge of organisational culture is at the core of his organisational work, with an emphasis on implementation, enabling successful and sustainable change in all circumstances, including mergers and acquisitions without loss of revenue.

IGO consultants are committed to helping clients become more effective in diagnosing their own problems and finding solutions through the transfer of knowledge, skills and insights.

The lotus flower

The lotus flower is an ancient symbol associated with creation and cosmic renewal.   It is seen as a metaphor for the work of IGO. Whether working with individuals, groups or organisations, the intention is always to help clients grow, to expand their lives. In doing so, it inevitably means helping them transcend a worrying or troubling dependent origin to the pleasure of the promise of experiencing autonomy.