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Advanced training in small group processes


These events will take place in accordance with current UK Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) safe working practice guidelines.

Currently, Russia and China are NOT included in the list of countries with which the UK have a travel corridor agreement. By November this situation may have changed.

Please check the list of UK approved travel corridors and up-to-date advice on overseas travel.

2021 - Proposed Dates

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th March 2021
Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th July 2021
Friday 5th to Sunday 7th November 2021

Prices include the 3-day conference programme, VAT, lunch & refreshments.

Prices do not include costs for travel and accommodation.

9:00am – 6:30pm

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The only dedicated small group relations training event in the world. Designed and co-directed by Prof Stapley and Evelyn Cleavely until 2017 when Jina Barrett took over from Evelyn. This workshop is for six people only and by invitation only. It is a challenging and intense workshop that provides high quality learning to build on previous experiences of group relations learning.

The purpose of the workshop is to build on previous small group experience; the aim being to provide advanced learning about small group processes and to develop consultant capabilities for the members.

First made available in 2000, it has been held three times a year ever since. It has a high reputation and is a sought-after experience by those in many countries.

Criteria for invitation to this event is two substantive group relations learning conference experiences and an interest in further developing group relations knowledge, skills and ability.

Membership for this event is by invitation only.

Anyone interested in attending this event should contact The Director of IGO who will advise as to suitability and invitation.

Bookings now available, contact details: director@igoconsultancy.com


Group as a whole learning for leadership, authority, and organisation

A four-day Group Relations Learning event


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to postpone our planned Group Relations Conference until further notice.

As soon as we are able, the date of the next Group Relations Conference will be posted here.

Best wishes from all at IGO Consultancy Services Ltd


The Conference provides experiential learning opportunities that will enable members to learn about, understand, and identify conscious and unconscious group processes, and to begin to apply these processes to groups and organisations in which they belong.

Learning about these group processes will enable members, and the groups and organisations that members are part of, to be more effective and will positively affect the bottom line. Individually and organisationally, it will provide members with a competitive advantage.

Working in small, large and inter-group events will each provide different learning opportunities, all highly applicable to each and every group and organisation to which members belong.

Papers provided after each of the four days will add to the experiential learning with theoretical explanations and understanding.

We are all part of groups, be that family, or other groups, and organisations where we may be managers, leaders, or engaged in other roles; or we may be supplying services such as coaching or consultancy for individuals, groups or whole organisations. All will benefit from the learning acquired from attendance at this Conference.