An IGO One -Day Workshop

Learning about Group Processes

This one-day workshop will introduce you to a new way of thinking and working that will benefit both you and your organisation. Based on extensive experience, research and evidence from a wide variety of organisations in several different countries, it will help you bring about positive change at work.

The workshop is dedicated to helping people understand how people operate in society and organisations. Over the past thirty years, the Director of IGO, Dr Stapley has compiled a body of knowledge about “group processes” - the way that people interact and operate in groups - taking their psychological and emotional processes into account.

This one-day workshop is only an introduction, but you will experience and gain an understanding of the way that group processes (that you were not even aware of), affect your organisation. Your experience on the day will give you much greater awareness and understanding about what is happening at work. Afterwards, you will be able to develop your knowledge and understanding of group processes, by reading books and articles that we can recommend. Unfortunately, just reading this material on its own is not very helpful, without having the experience of a workshop to reflect on.


Individuals and organisations who wish to take advantage of this unique learning experience should please see the IGO details of ‘Upcoming Events’. If this workshop is not listed; to obtain advice and to discuss without commitment please contact IGO, to make an appointment.

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