An IGO One - Day Inter - Group Workshop

Understanding and Managing Conflict in Organisations


In every organisation, or part of an organisation, we frequently experience problems that arise between groups. Sometimes these are attributed to so-called ‘personality clashes’, and on other occasions, they may be attributed to ‘power contests’. These are frequently ongoing and seemingly impossible conflicts that have no obvious solution. In spite of the best efforts of those concerned, and inevitably the senior managers, the conflicts continue. The truth is that most such conflicts are not personal or individual but result from group processes.


To provide opportunities to learn about inter and intra group conflict by constructing situations in which the task given to the members is to study their own behaviour as it happens. To this end, many of the familiar structures normally available in organisations will be removed to expose ‘beneath the surface’ dynamics that are occurring. In taking up roles to achieve the task members will have the opportunity to experience for themselves the forces that are brought to bear on them when they take roles requiring leadership, and the forces they bring to bear on others who demand their following.


Organisations experiencing difficulties regarding conflict between or in groups will benefit greatly from this workshop. To obtain advice and to discuss without commitment please contact IGO, to make an appointment.

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